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Polyester bag closing thread

Aobo is one of the leading brands of sewing thread in China,with an annual production capacity for more than 20,000 tons.

Sewing thread for bags can also be called Polyester bag closing thread. Sewing thread for bags is divided into civilian sewn line and industrial sewn line, mainly for civilian bags or industrial bags of the package. So far to pure polyester large chemical fiber as raw material, with alkali, corrosion resistance, acid and so on. Widely used in feed mills, fertilizer plants, cement plants, rice plants, building materials factory. Can be used for woven bags, paper bags, sacks, composite bags sewing seam bottom.

Main specifications

  • Count:Count and yarn could be chosen based on customers’ needs,5s,10s,15s/2,20s/2, 20s/3, 20s/4, 20s/6, 30s/2, 30s/3, etc.
  • Color: More than 1000 colors are available, also buyer's colors are acceptable.
  • Packing:200g/cone to 5.0kg/cone.

Product Usages

  • Industry App:Cement bags sealed,Briquettes bags sealed,Building surveying thread,Plastic woven bag closing thread.
  • Food App:Rice plastic woven bag packping,Flour bag closing thread,Ham tied thread.
  • Fishing App:Fishing thread,Fishing nets thread,Anchor rope.
  • Textile App:Insole bobbin thread,tarpaulin stitching thread,Shed quilting thread.
  • Automobile App:Seat cushion quilting thread,Foot pad sewing thread.
  • Other App:Fertilizer plastic bags sewing thread,Chemical industry packing.

bag sewing thread use guidance

bag sewing thread use guidance

Product Feature

  • Smooth round, beautiful shape, no collapsing, no spider, no overlap, no channeling shares, the withdrawal of smooth.
  • Quantitative accurate,the entire without joints,ensure quality assurance.
  • Good toughness, high strength, the pull-resistant,Is't easy to break.
  • Resistant to weathering, corrosion resistance, high temperature, no moth, no mildew.

Color Card

bag sewing thread color card


sewing thread package

Cone Plastic Bobbin and Paper Bobbin

sewing thread tube
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